Tory Children’s Books

These are just brilliant

Pride's Purge

I’ve been asked by a few people if I could put all of the Tory children’s books in one place. So here they all are in one blog post (click to enlarge).



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Apocalypse Now Then

I saw the play a while back and this review from The Needle pretty much sums up my thoughts on it. It was difficult to watch at times and I was, probably naively, unprepared for the feeling I experienced when McGowan took to the stage but it was definitely worth seeing.


Guy Mankowski is an academic, journalist and author of the novelsLetters from Yelena and How I Left The National Grid. His forthcoming book, ‘Marine’ concerns institutional cover-ups.


Apocalypse Now Then: A Review of ‘An Audience With Jimmy Savile,’ Park Theatre, London, 9th July.

It is easy to conclude that a show like this shouldn’t exist. As Alistair MacGowan mentioned to me in a post-show interview, ‘The Tabloids concluded straight away this production was in poor taste, but the broadsheets all saw that it had merit’.

Take the cursory time to consider the development of this show and you learn that ‘An Audience With Jimmy Savile’ was written by investigative journalist Jonathan Maitland, using real-life transcripts of dialogue by Savile. Some sourced from police interviews, bolstered by the accounts of his former victims. Add to the melting pot that Alistair MacGowan not only had second thoughts, but ‘third…

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